In Search of Narrow Gauge Mikados of the Rio Grande

"...a well-done little show that visits the three railroads which operate Rio Grande narrow gauge 2-8-2s: the Huckleberry in Flint, Michigan; the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge and the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad. The program opens with K-27 "Mudhen" 464 on the Huckleberry, Marty Knox at the throttle and Tim Lab on the camera, and the viewer gets an overall view of the relatively unremarked loop-to-loop narrow gauge line. The D&SNG is presented next, followed by the C&TS. All of the footage was shot in the last year or two, and several days were spent on each railroad. Photographer Tim Lab shot this program on 16mm negative film, and he has a penchant for putting that little extra into his shooting -- the scenes of both Colorado lines feature many unusual views obtained through lots of hiking, and extra elevation obtained through lots of extra climbing. Typical operations and paint jobs on each line are shown, and at Durango Tim got some especially spectacular footage in the roundhouse area. The video quality, cinematography, narration and presentation are all top notch." Mike Del Vecchio - Railfan & Railroad

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