The East Broad Top

"The East Broad Top Railraod is a National Historic Landmark and on occasion still struts its stuff for the public and devotees of Pennsylvania's last three-foot-gauge line. Emery Gulash has been filming EBT's operation since the early 1950s. This video contains 100 percent of his fine 16-mm work starting with actual freight service in 1953 and ending 25 years later when he was catching triple-headers during EBT's Winter Steam Spectaculars.

"There is about 15 minutes of regular operation that includes scenes at Mount Union and Orbisonia, Pa. where we see Mikes 15, 17 and 18 switching, being serviced and rolling with freight trains. This is nice material, and because of its historical significance somewhat overshadows the remaining hour and three quarters of tape. But Gulash shoots from every conceivable angle along the current three-to-four-mile stretch of narrow iron. During the recreations at the winter events and regular tourist summer service we also get to view Railways to Yesterday's trolley operation. It is a treat to see every piece of EBT equipment that has operated since the rebirth in 1960 when Mr. and Mrs. Kovalchick waved from the platform of Orbisonia to an admiring crowd.

"This is quality work, and even though the Friends of the EBT might disagree, it is too long. I would call this a good production, but with editing down to maybe just one hour plus, it could be an award-winning video." F.P.K. - National Railway Historical Society

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