The Detroit, Toledo & Ironton: Volume I

"Green Frog calls this its best production yet and I must agree....the video is exceptionally clear and the color is excellent, the editing superior. The sound is dubbed which is very difficult [to do, wm.] but in this case very good! The narration is informative and in the proper amount.

"The video is a three-part series: The first is black and white footage from Henry Ford's era of control and is truly outstanding in quality and content! This is followed by Emery Gulash's 16mm color film from the early diesel days until absorption by the Grand Trunk Western; lastly, we are shown the transition era as the DT&I slowly is submerged in a sea of GT blue and red. This footage is by Steve Neff and is original video with live sound.

"Not only will your(sic) trace the history of the DT&I but you will also be treated to several outstanding items: First, a very good diesel variety to satisfy roster-oriented fans including not only DT&I units but also Ann Arbor diesels and the annual winter lease of the LS&I U25C's in original yellow paint. Second, some very interesting yard operations are covered instead of the constant run-by after run-by seen in so many videos. Lastly, you are treated to some really creative photography by Mr. Gulash, who knew his equipment and was not afraid of unusual or minimal lighting situations. His late evening scenes and sunsets must be seen to be appreciated!

"If this video has a flaw, it is in the length, being about five or ten minutes too long, mostly in the last segment of the GTW integration where it tends to lapse into conventional coverage. This is not just a video for DT&I fans, this is for everyone and contains some of the best of everything for all varieties of railbuffs!" Ted Davis - National Railway Historical Society

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