Building the RGS volume 8 (back to Durango)-video 53217
In Volume 8 of Building the Rio Grande Southern, we'll take you back to Durango, where we'll cover the construction and placement of the buildings that make up Graden Flour Mill to the northwest of the roundhouse, as well as scenery destruction and re-building so the mill complex will fit right in.

Then we'll build the stock pens that were found south of Durango. We'll show you how to build some realistic working stock gates as well.

Next we'll tear up some more scenery in order to add that return loop around the roundhouse to turn passenger trains. During the re-building, we'll modify that lift out section behind the roundhouse.

Since there is not enough room for storage of passenger cars in the main yard, we'll add a small yard to store those cars just to the west of the roundhouse.

Now Durango will finally be complete! Don't miss this rare opportunity to add some structures that are not usually modeled by anyone in Durango!

Approx. 59 Minutes

Building the RGS volume 8 (back to Durango)-video 53217

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