Building the RGS volume 5 (new mexico lumber co. & town) video 53209
In Volume 5 of this series we'll cover the construction of two plaster buildings to be used as logging camp structures..and next we'll build a standard company house just like the buildings that appear in the town of McPhee...this structure was constructed from styrene.
We'll also take you step by step as we frame out the house and add the important details to it. Finishing the building is an important step, and we'll show you how to provide a realistic and weathered finish.
Construction of a small plaster cabin to be placed near our mill pond is next....and we'll scenic the area around the cabin.
The logging camp has a tunnel and turnout located under it, and we want to add access to that turnout in case it needs some maintenance. This video shows you how to build a slick access hatch from foam board, and add the basics of scenery to hide the access hatch.
RGS Volume 5 should get anyone excited to start or finish those scratch built structures, and provide a fitting scenic 'planting' of the buildings. Most layouts don't have room for small towns, but this video begins to show you how you can make them look very believable.
Approx. 60 Minutes

Building the RGS volume 5 (new mexico lumber co. & town) video 53209

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