Building the RGS volume 9 (Dolores to Rico) video 53220
In Volume 9 of this series, we take you along the RGS from Dolores to Rico. We'll cover the construction of a huge 10 foot long, 8 foot high rock wall towering above the RGS tracks, complete with hundreds of rock castings, and a long tunnel to get us toward Rico.
At Rico, we'll remove an old paper backdrop, and add an 18 foot long photo-mural backdrop. Then we'll also show you how we hand painted some scenes to help blend the backdrop into the 'live' scenery. Many shrubs and trees will also be added to help this blending process.
The installation of photo-mural backdrops, and the blending of them into live scenes has rarely been covered in any magazines, or videos! A large sampling mill, and an ore bin complex complete with a trestle (ala near the real Rico of days past) will also be added, along with the scenery around this area.

Hi-Fi Stereo Sound - Approx. 73 Minutes

Building the RGS volume 9 (Dolores to Rico) video 53220

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