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NEW.....An Interactive CD Rom Experience

From the Mac Owen Collection - Print Quality Classic Pictures on CD Rom

Classic Steam Locomotives in the Eastern U.S. vol-1

*Top Quality for Dynamic Prints!

*Color Balanced & Restored for Historical Accuracy!

*Restored images... some from the 40s!

*We have also included a program called -Slides & Sound Plus- that will automatically run a slide show on your computer screen of all the pictures, Plus it plays Railroad Audio Sound FX in the background if you have a sound card installed!

*Most photographs NEVER before seen!

* can zero in to count the rivets!

*Print them out in HIGH-RES using an Image Program like Adobe Photoshop on your own printer with quality Photo Paper and they ll look Better than Photo Lab prints!

*Use your own Web Browser to navigate this Interactive CD Rom!

*Less than 50 cents per picture...A Great Bargain.

1st CD Rom in a continuing series, more to come.....Vintage Diesels, Narrow Gauge, East, West, North South, More Steam! Over 6,000 pictures are in the works!

CD Order# PICROM1...$24.95 +s&h Order

Rails New York - (video soundtrack)

Follow the sounds of Rails New York... Action in the New York area.
This is the audio track with no voice, sound-fx only
CD #60016 Order

Remembering Steam vol-1 (Trackside)

This volume of Remembering Steam can be used as Foreground or Background sound.
These sounds were recorded by avid railfan Don Shelly over a period of many years. Don used very high quality DBX Analog recording equipment for these projects, and Green Frog is proud to release these sounds. CD #60017

Remembering Steam vol-2 (ride the train)

This volume of Remembering Steam can be used as Foreground or Background sound.
These sounds were recorded by avid railfan Don Shelly over a period of many years. Don used very high quality DBX Analog recording equipment for these projects, and Green Frog is proud to release these sounds. CD #60018

East Broad Top R.R.

The "Other" Narrow Gauge RR...this one in Pennsylvania. EBT Mikes chuffing along rattly track only 3 foot wide, and the sound of a lonely whistle echoing across the valley...CD #60014 Order

Sounds of the Silverton N.G.

Early 1900's Narrow Gauge steam locomotives from the old Denver & Rio Grande, recorded with state of the art equipment...sounds that will knock your socks off! From loud whistles to side rod clank, to dynamic chuffs... CD #60015 Order

Steam & Diesel Sounds of the 80's audio CD

First Generation diesels are hard to come by in the 80’s. Especially those running on daily schedules. In 1988 Green Frog recorded Alco RS-1’s and GP-7’s in daily service on the Chattahoochee Industrial RR in South Georgia.
44 Minutes... CD #60012

Steam & Diesel sounds of the 50's and

New Georgia Railroad audio CD

Nickel Plate Berkshire’s,Passenger trains,Michigan Central, Twentieth Century Limited----Number 750 around Stone Mountain...Restored E-8 General Motors Diesel Loco back in 1986...
39 Minutes... CD #60011

The GP-9's audio CD

The Georgia Northeastern Railroad began operation in 1987. the road runs on the former L&N, then Seaboard trackage between Marietta, GA. and Elijay, GA. During 1988 Green Frog recorded audio of these amazing locos. Their sound is quite different from supercharged locos of today.
57 Minutes... CD #60010

1st Generation Diesels audio CD

By 1969 many were still operating--GP-7’s, GP-9’s, RS-1’s, F-3’s, F-7’s, PA’s,


39 Minutes... CD #60013 Order

Norfolk Southern 2 CD


Follow the sounds of NS... Action between Debutts yard in Chattanooga to the crew change point at Oakdale.
This is the audio track with no voice, sound-fx only....

56 Minutes...CD # 60009

Sounds of 1218 - CD


Little introduction is necessary for this spectacular locomotive. In 1980 Greenfrog captured all the subtleties of this awesome steam locomotive as it wound its way on a ferry trip, and in service as an excursion train in Florida. From fast paced run-bys to yard action, and screaming whistle road crossings, you"ll live the power and majesty of the worlds most powerful operating steam loco. ADD

$14.95...51 Minutes # 60006



Steam Soliloquy - CD


It is rare that a collection of Audio sounds of steam would have ultimate fidelity, dynamic range and stereo sound. But that kind of audio makes up this outstanding collection of steam sounds on this tape.
You will hear narrow gauge, old and modern standard gauge. From Pacific's performing weekly duty, to 0-6-0's working away at museums; from the fastest of today's restored locos, those sounds of steam are here for you today to enjoy!

ADD 59 Minutes # 60005... $14.95



Sounds of CSX 10 - CD


For over 17 years Green Frog has recorded railroad sound in the field of extremely outstanding quality. Our audio is known world-wide as the best that money can buy!
Since all the audio for our video's is recorded on the finest microphones and equipment, we thought many of you would like to share the fabulous sound recorded in the field with here is the audio track with no voice, sound-fx only from our CSX-Volume 10 and 11 Videos!! ADD

54 Minutes # 60007... $14.95



Sounds of CSX 11 - CD


This is the audio track with no voice, sound-fx only.

56 Minutes # 60008... $14.95




Thundering Narrow Gauge ...CD




Remember the first time you heard the barking of a narrow gauge engine in Colorado? Now Green Frog takes you back to those good 'ol days, BUT with incredible DIGITAL sound! On this CD, you'll hear almost all the locomotives on roster for both the Cumbres & Toltec, and the Durango and Silverton. For you Rio Grande Fans, this means you'll hear the K-28s, K-36s, and K-37's!.....ADD

45 Minutes....$14.95



Remembering Steam--Cab Ride ...CD



A 45 minute trip in the cab of a 2-8-0 on the 5 mile long line of the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. We'll travel between both stations, work up steep grades, through tunnels and even turn on a wye and a turntable before this trip is complete. Sharp barking exhaust sounds...beautiful "tunes" on the whistle, and all the sounds you would expect to hear from the cab such as injector, coal shoveling, bell, brakes, side rod clank, etc. Recorded, mixed and mastered in digital with dynamic audio punch that will knock your socks off! DDD 45 minutes.....$14.95


The K-27 #463 of the Denver & Rio Grande

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The K-27 on the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad is only one of two locomotives of its class in existence today This former Denver & Rio Grande narrow gauge engine helped take trains across the vast narrow gauge empire in Colorado and New Mexico from the early part of the century.

This Compact Disc, was recorded digitally with one of the finest stereo microphones available, a Crown Sass P. This microphone provides the ultimate Dynamic range and Frequency response in order to bring you the ultimate realism. So sit back and enjoy the way the real narrow gauge sounded...and felt!...66 minutes --#60000 $14.95

(This Compact Disc was Digitally Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered....DDD)



Shay Sounds



This NEW Stereo CD will knock your socks off. All the Shay sounds were recorded in digital with a professional digital recorder, and our famous professional Crown Sass P Stereo microphone, and then Digitally edited and mastered in our digital audio workstation. The CD was mastered direct from the audio workstation to provide you the absolute best railroad sounds available anywhere!...

One of the finest locomotives ever built was the Shay. Designed more for logging railroads, Shays, serve even today on a number of railroads. The uniqueness of the Shay with its vertical cylinders on the engineers side, and its whining of gears and super fast chuff of the steam engine have thrilled railfans and intrigued casual passers by for almost 100 years!

On this CD you will hear Shays from both the Cass Railroad in West Virginia and the Georgetown Breckinridge and Leadville railroad in Colorado... DDD 68 minutes..#60001...$14.95



Sounds of the Joint Line


If you love the sounds of diesels working their way up steep grades with long trains...the engines throbbing and straining as their roar fills the valleys, then you'll LOVE this new CD. Recorded along the front range of the Rockies, known as the Joint Line; before the BNSF merger.

This CD will truly make you think you are right on location! DDD
#60002...$14.95 + s&h ...56 Minutes

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