DVD-Blue Water Bridge Documentary
History buffs, engineering fans and sidewalk superintendents of all ages will enjoy this new-release DVD collection on constructing the second Blue Water Bridge.  Spanning the St. Clair River between Port Huron, Michigan and Point Edward, Ontario, it was the first new international bridge built between Canada and the US in over 30 years.
  The DVD features the two award-winning, official documentaries Twinning the Blue Water Bridge and Second Span Blue Water Bridge - PLUS special bonus segments with never-before-released footage and narrative.
  In commemoration of the ten-year anniversary of the start of construction, this collection of informative and entertaining programs delivers enhanced stereo sound with dramatic action scenes digitally-encoded from the original broadcast quality master.
  Experience breathtaking views from high above the river.  Watch ironworkers trek across narrow beams.  Marvel at huge cranes lifting heavy steel girders skyward.  See all phases of construction:
  * Pile driving
  * Pier building
  * Steel Fabrication
  * Concrete pours
  * Crane lifts
  * Steel Erection
  * Deck Work
  Witness the ceremonies and celebrations:
  * The Bridge Walk with over 200.000 US and Canadian citizens
  * The 700-voice Children's International Choir
  * The totally awesome fireworks display
  In Twinning the Blue Water Bridge, the workers, contractors, engineers and dignitaries tell the story in their own words, sharing personal observations, emotions and experiences.  This 55-minute documentary chronicles the entire construction process from its design and planning phase in 1994 through the dedication ceremonies in July 1997.
   It concludes with one of the most dazzling fireworks displays ever seen:  walls of fire cascading into the river and rockets shooting off the bridge almost endlessly into the night.
  Second Span Blue Water Bridge is an expanded 30-minute version of the original souvenir video, featuring exhilarating musical segments and action-packed scenes with professional narration, covering all phases of the project from groundbreaking through dedication.
  New! Bonus Segments:
  Flying Iron contains 17 minutes of never-before-released footage of daring feats of ironworkers and crane operators lifting and installing steel at dizzying heights over the St. Clair River.
  Meeting in the Middle tells the full story of connecting the two sides of the bridge two days before the public ceremony.
  And if building a bridge over the river is exciting, it's fascinating to watch the building of a tunnel under the St. Clair River.  Get a taste of the action from a video news release announcing the opening of Canadian National Railway's St. Clair Tunnel - North America's largest international underwater rail tunnel and one of the largest projects of the 1990's.

Total Running Time - 108 Minutes
Stereo Audio

DVD-Blue Water Bridge Documentary