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50's Memories of the Rio Grande N.G.

Travel with the camera of E. Macdougall “Mac” Palmer back to the 50’s as we follow the REAL Denver & Rio Grande narrow gauge in this spectacular video.

We’ll take you from Alamosa to Durango, Chama to Alamosa, Gunnison through the Black Canyon (with the bumble-bee number 268), then on to Marshall Pass where we’ll catch the scrap train. Next We’ll visit Monarch Pass and witness some rare scenes of the Limestone operations. We’ll also visit Salida, and finally take a trip from Durango down the Farmington branch all the way to Farmington where we’ll catch one of the Rio Grande Mikes switching industries in Farmington.

Hosted and Narrated by Mallory Hope Ferrell!

HI-FI STEREO sound...all color, some B/W stills...Approx. 50 min...$24.95 + s&h...

Tape # 53184 Order


In August, 1997, the Rio Grande Southern ran again...this time on the Cumbres and Toltec. Thanks to Bill Lund and many others, arrangements were made to re-letter K-27 number 463 to RGS #455 (before the wreck). A long freight train was made up of D&RGW cars and a caboose (re-lettered to RGS number 0404). The train steamed through such well known "RGS" locations as Lower Gallagher, Keystone Hill, Lizard Head, Vance Junction, the Ute Coal Pocket, Upper Gallagher, Bridge 45A and Brown/Meadow Creek. You'll also meet with some old-timers who rode the real RGS, as well as listen to Mallory Hope Ferrell as he discusses some of the RGS locations we will visit through spectacular photos from his collection, as well as real shots of the railroad in the 40's!. Shot on professional Beta SP, edited in our AVID on-line editing system (the same system now used by the top Hollywood producers, you'll witness the way it was on the RGS 40 or 50 years ago, but with top quality video, and superior stereo audio.

Hi-Fi STEREO sound---60 Minutes...$29.95 #53147 Order


1995 Freight Train

Follow Rio Grande K-27 and an authentic D&RGW freight through the mountains and prairies of the Rockies. The line traverse's the territory from Chama, New Mexico to Antonito and return. Many, many runbys in remote locations mostly only accessible by train! If you want to see how it really was back in the 30's or 40's, then this freight extra is for you! Professionally taped by noted video photographer Leon Oakley...

60 minutes..tape No.53152..$24.95..Audio Mastered from DIGITAL! Order

1997 M.O.W. Train

The Rio Grande Derrick OP is the second star of this show, along with authentic maintenance of way cars and caboose in this exciting program...pulled by the K-27, number 463. This tape covers the ONLY time this train has ever appeared in this configuration. The program follows the train from Chama to Antonito and return...including beautiful scenes throughout the line...both tunnels, Toltec Gorge, water stops, and much, much more. Professionally taped by noted video photographer Leon Oakley...

60 minutes...tape No 53153...$24.95..Audio Mastered from DIGITAL! Order

The K-27 Under Steam


An original Digital recording with professional equipment that will provide the most exciting steam sound you've heard on an audio cassette in a long time! 60 minutes of pure sound (no narration-a written guide is included) audio cassette you won't believe...just spectacular, unbelievable sound! If you have a good stereo system, hold on to your chair!!...

60 minutes...DIGITALLY mastered...

Tape No. 54120...$9.95 (This is an audio cassette tape) Order

Thundering Narrow Gauge ...CD


Remember the first time you heard the barking of a narrow gauge engine in Colorado? Now Green Frog takes you back to those good 'ol days, BUT with incredible DIGITAL sound! On this CD, you'll hear almost all the locomotives on roster for both the Cumbres & Toltec, and the Durango and Silverston. For you Rio Grande Fans, this means you'll hear the K-28s, K-36s, and K-37's!..45 Minutes..STEREO DIGITAL MASTER...$14.95


The K-27
Number 463
of the Denver & RioGrande... Audio CD


The K-27 on the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad is only one of two locomotives of its class in existence today This former Denver & Rio Grande narrow gauge engine helped take trains across the vast narrow gauge empire in Colorado and New Mexico from the early part of the century.

This Compact Disc, was recorded digitally with one of the finest stereo microphones available, a Crown Sass P. This microphone provides the ultimate Dynamic range and Frequency response in order to bring you the ultimate realism. So sit back and enjoy the way the real narrow gauge sounded...and felt!...66 minutes

(This Compact Disc was Digitally Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered....DDD) #60000 $14.95




Top Frog Volume 6 The D&RGW--50's & 60's Chama to Durango from the camera of Emery Gulash

We continue with another in the Top Frog series from Emery Gulash, this tape covering D&RGW action in the 50's and 60's on the now abandonded line between Durango and Chama. Single and double headed freights and passenger trains abound...the REAL action the way it used to be!

30 Minutes..$19.95...Tape #53155

Denver & Rio Grande Western and the Bumblebee-#268...


 The 268 in all its "bumblee colors" is featured in the first part of this tape. The 268 works its way around Gunnison, and then heads to the Black Canyon. Also featured are D&RGW trains running from Alamosa to Durango, including a Toltec Gorge scene you won't believe...from the opposite side of the valley! From 16 mm color film..Bob Brown of the Gazette says: "Don't miss this tape"....

45 minutes...$29.95 #53144


The Rio Grande Southern and The Denver Rio Grande Western


(Revised Expanded Edition) ... From the Monarch branch to Durango and from Montrose to Antonio, this video shows the RGS and the Days they were, scenes never to be repeated again. An additional 30 minutes of video has been added! ...

90 minutes... $29.95... Order Tape #53127R

If you own an original version of this tape, you can upgrade for ONLY $10.00 -

just send us a photocopy of the original cover!


The C & T in '73...


The Cumbres and Toltec was a very different railroad when it first began its tourist operation. Great Fall scenery and action!..

36 minutes ... $19.95... Order tape #53017


The Chama Turn...


Operation in the 60's over Cumbres including double headers!...60 minutes... $24.95... Order tape #53003

Colorado Narrow Gauge Passenger Chase...


Off train chasing of the last scheduled passenger train on the Rio Grande Narrow gauge ofthe 60's...

60 minutes... $24.95... Order tape #53020

Colorado Steam Mecca...


...Great coverage of all Colorado major steam railroads from Colorado RR Museum, Georgetown Loop, Cumbres Toltec, Durango and Silverton...Fast paced DIGITAL stereo sound...60 minutes... $24.95...

Order tape #53084

The East Broad Top...


50's though late 70's action in the TWO HOUR special! Most complete coverage ever of this railroad!...

2 hours... $29.95... Order tape #53031

In Search of Narrow Gauge Mikados...


...Tim Lab has captured the Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Mikes in many scenes NEVER before seen by anyone. He has walked the canyons and climbed the mountains to film these mikes like never before...90 minutes... $29.95... Order tape #53054

Rotary on the Rio Grande...


1975 and 1976 action with Rio Grande Rotary OY during winter plowing... snow action galore...

60 minutes... $29.95... Order tape #53021

Switchin' Along the Rio Grande...


Servicing and switching action in the 60's on the narrow gauge...a very unusual tape...22 minutes... $19.95... Order tape #53008

Top Frog Series -Volume l...


The Best of Narrow Gauge...from the camera of Emery Gulash comes the very best of over seven hours of Rio Grande Narrow Gauge of the 60's...60 minutes... $24.95... Order tape #53035

Twilight on the Rio Grande...

60's action on all steam running in the 60's...40 minutes... $19.95... Order tape #53004 Order

Worktrain to Silverton...


60's action between Durango and Silverton as drop bottom gons meet with Silverton trains...23 minutes... $19.95... #53005


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